Determing the URL of CalDAV Calendars


Go to your ~/Library/Calendars folder. You will find a bunch of ID.caldav directories: each of these folders correspond to a calendar (or a set of of calendars) and contains either another directory or an Info.plist file. The Info.plist file stores the URL of the calendar.

Open the Info.plist file of the calendar you are interested in and look for:

  • Title, which is the name of the calendar (so that you know whether this is the calendar you are really interested in).
  • Principal URL, which is something in the form: (The principal URL is going to be the same for all your iCloud calendars.)
  • Calendar Path, which is something in the form: USER_ID/calendars/CALENDAR_ID

If you are interested in the iCal link (for read-only subscriptions): open the iCal application, go to the calendars list on the left, click on the share icon and you will get a public address to share the calendar. You need to replace the webcal protocol with https.

The URL of the calendar is then formed as follows:

Calendar-id CALENDAR_ID
Main url
CalDAV url

(See: for a similar discussion.)

Google Calendar

Google makes it a bit easier to find the calendars' URLs.

  1. Go the calendar settings page of the calendar you want to access[4]
  2. Copy the Calendar ID, which, for the main calendar, is something like or (For the main calendar STRING is your username.)
  3. Copy also the iCal Private Address, which is something in the form:

The calendar URL is then formed as follows:

Main url
CalDAV url

Baikal Server

Baikal is a Caldav/CardDAV server which is simple to install and compatible with OSX apps. It is a good choice if you want to run your own server. The latest stable version is 0.27; a 2.0 version has been in the workings for a while.

The URLs of the calendars can be found on the web-interface: look for the Calendar token ID, which is either default or a long alphanumeric string.

There is no downloadable ics that I am aware of.

Main url http://BAIKAL-SERVER-URL/cal.php/calendars/USER_ID


OwnCloud is another good choice if you want to host your own private cloud, contacts, and calendars. Ready-made appliances are available from BitNami which significantly simplify the deployment process.

The calendars URLs are readily available with OwnCloud from the web interface.

You will find the calendar address by clicking on the gear at the bottom of the page when you visit a calendar. The ID of the calendar is the calendar name.

Main url https://OWNCLOUD-SERVER-URL/remote.php/caldav/calendars/USERID
CalDAV url https://OWNCLOUD-SERVER-URL/remote.php/caldav/calendars/USERID/CALENDAR_NAME

See Calendar Manual if you need more details.

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