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In Synthesis

  • Built with the web publishing functions provided by Org Mode
  • “Dynamic” pages (e.g., list of posts) using source code blocks which output HTML which is then rendered in the page

Custom code to:

  • Simplify previewing and publishing
  • Simplify page metadata reading and generate collection of pages (similar to what Jekyll does)


  • Org Mode web publishing degrades gracefully: even if the rest of the site is broken, you can publish individual pages
  • Org Babel allows to execute arbitrary pieces of code, in the programming language you prefer, overcoming some of the limitations of Liquid
  • Math and LaTeX (although not used)
  • The Org Mode format is well supported by various static website generators, simplifying migration to other tools (e.g., Jekyll) and other protocols (e.g., Project Gemini).

Details: Publishing Process

Tools used