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Welcome to my personal homepage!

I am a senior researcher at Fondazione Bruno Kessler where I lead the ICT4G group.

My interests include surplus food recovery and food waste prevention, sustainability, ICT for social and economic development.

You might want to have a look at BringTheFood, if you are interested in my recent activities.

I am involved in educational activities related to the circular economy and, when I have the possibility, I like to talk about our food system from various perspectives, with my friends and colleagues Paolo Costa and Claudio Ferlan.

I taught at the University of Trento for many years and, more recently, taught Scratch and promoted the Hour of Code to kids and inmates as a volunteer.

I authored two books and curated the publication of a collection of articles on food excesses and scarcity.

I am a fond programmer in Ruby on Rails, which I started using about ten years ago, coming from Java, C, and Lisp.

I prefer text-based formats when I can and I am a long-time user of Emacs (25+ years) and, more recently, of Org Mode (6+ years).


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